Friday, 16 May 2014

Product Showcase


Flower Shop and Petite Petals


 I wanted to introduce you to my favourite stamp sets that I seem to be using quite a lot
 lately, I have really enjoyed using these stamp sets over the past few months, so I thought
 it was only fair that I shared a card I have made using them.

 I am not alone in my liking of these stamp sets, my card class ladies have all enjoyed
 using them and decided to buy them for themselves.

 The products I have used in making this card includes:

 Flower Shop stamp set – Wood Mount £21.95 item no. 130939, Clear Mount
 £17.95 item no 130942 .  To punch out your stamped images I have used the Pansy
 punch – £14.25 item no. 130698.

 Both the Flower Shop stamp set and the Pansy punch are available as a bundle.  By 
 buying them as a bundle you will save 15%.  Wood Mount £30.75 item no. 132727, 
 Clear Mount £27.25 item no. 132726.

 In addition to the Flower Shop stamp set I have used the Petite Petals stamp set and 
 Petite Petals punch.  These co-ordinate and complement the Flower Shop stamp set
 Petite Petals stamp set - Wood Mount £13.95 item no. 133152, Clear Mount
 £10.95 item no 133152 .  To punch out your stamped images I have used the Petite
 Petals punch – £11.50 item no. 133322.

 These products are also available as a bundle.  Petite Petals stamp set and the Petite
 Petals punch are available as a bundle.  By buying them as a bundle you will save
 15%.  Wood Mount £21.50 item no. 134822, Clear Mount £18.95 item no. 
 It can not be guaranteed that any of these will be available as a bundle after the launch
 of the new catalogue on 1st July 2014.

For more product information please do not hesitate me

07984 618098 (call/text/what’s app) (online Stampin’ Up!)



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