Wednesday, 28 May 2014

WOYWW #260 entry no-3

Happy Fifth Birthday to WOYWW

Hello and thank you for stopping by from Stamping Ground.

Well I have had a really mad week since you last stopped by – finally made a start on my craft room (half of the room sorted – I’m kind of stalling on the other half, I know it needs doing but…), lovely long weekend with my kids, my eldest daughter and granddaughter came to stay too. 


My granddaughter (Alexa aged four) had made me the picture with buttons on (green paper) at nursery as she knew how much I loved buttons, so we sat with some of my buttons and between us made the flowers/cloud picture.  I loved it more than she did, she sat on my lap and we kept having hugs and kisses, making the most of it as she lives 150 miles away.

Although with family to entertain, I still managed to craft like mad for a Craft Fair at Weybourne, Holt on Sunday. It was a good day although seven hours long.  I took crafting with me to do, like cutting out ties that I had stamped for my Shirts card candy, assembling flowers ready to use on cards and sell as candy (these can be seen on my crafting Facebook page – Crafting Alison) and chatting with my friend who was selling paper flowers.

My table is in need of tidying before I start preparing for a scrapbooking class on Saturday.  This is a new group of FIFTEEN, yes I said FIFTEEN ladies that contacted me asking for me to do a class with them. I’m over the moon at the interest shown but I have never done a class so big!

Well look forward to seeing you next week…

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Crafting!!!


  1. You sure look like you have plenty to keep you busy on the desk, A total contrast to mine! Glad you got to enjoy some crafting with your family, what a perfect combo.
    Happy Desk Day xo
    Hugs Minxy #4

  2. Wow a truly busy desk. I love crafting with my grandchildren. Two live away and two nearby. Happy Anniversary. Anne x #41

  3. Yikes, fifteen; thats a lorra preparation! Well done you - hope it goes really well. Your desk looks great and I love the button pics...and a great tactic for having a eloved baby on your knee!

  4. Lucky you. I bet you are really excited to have 15 people who want you. Good luck. Happy, happy 5th Anniversary from #22.

  5. Happy WOYWW 5th Anniversary.

    A busy desk there.

    I hope you have a good WOYWW. Sue 59

  6. Have fun with your class 15 is a alot you must be super excited :) HAPPY WOYWW 5 hugs Nikki 33

  7. You really do look as though you have been busy lol!
    Happy WOYWW Anniversary, Angela x #41

  8. How completely sweet and wonderful that you were able to have so much quality time crafting with your granddaughter! My grandson lives on the other side of the US from me and I've only seen him once (he's 15 months old.) How I would love to have him on my lap doing crafts with me! Enjoy every second!

    Happy WOYWW-aversary!
    Amy E. #22

  9. Ho w lovely for you to spend so much time crafting with your granddaughter - it's a very long time since I did the same with my too old at 10 for crafting, especially when there's 1 Dimension to idolise instead :) Love the button cards. Good luck with the scrapbooking class - it will be a raging success, I'm sure. Elizabeth x #97

  10. Dropping by to greet you a very happy 5th WOYWW anniversary! How lovely to have a granddaughter to have hugs and kisses with. The cards you made with her are precious!
    Blessings and hugs,
    peggy aplSEEDS