Thursday, 19 June 2014

Yes Yes Yes

Today was the day that my South Hill Designs starter kit was going to arrive, but oh no… good old Fedex arrive a day early and I was out!  This greeted me on the doorstep!

shd delivery 3

I nearly cried, then I flipped it over and yes it had been left with my neighbour… yes yes I had seen their car so I ran round there (bit dangerous as wearing my birks and door to door it’s gravel).

knock knock on the door – they were out!

Sulked back home and told Éloise (my almost sixteen year old daughter)and Lady Luck was on my side – they returned just as I got though the front door, so I ran again (I never run anywhere!)

shd delivery 2


Now readers, we all know size matters and as a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator I know that a small box can still contain a lot of stuff, but boy this box was even smaller than I imagined!

Éloise was cheering me on “Well open it then!”

“Ok if you insist!”


WOW – this box was jammed packed with all my lovely goodies… £569 worth of products and I only paid £191! Result!  I was very impressed how well everything was pack in there – sad but I love nice packaging!

shd delivery 1

Catalogues, brochures, bead case, linen bag etc etc and a nice rectangular chevron box! Oh I wonder what is in there!

shd delivery 6

This was six of the packages that were in the rectangular box (gold star to the people at SHD who got so many items in that box!)  Inside these boxes are four lockets/chains, a 32” chain, a wrap bracelet and inside the chain box was all twelve of the birthstones (didn’t know I was getting those!)

shd delivery 5 

   Here is the metallic wrap bracelet



This was the rest of the jewellery contents of the box:

shd delivery 4




consists of - twelve birthstones, silver tone mini locket & chain, silver tone large locket with crystals & chain, gold tone medium locket & chain, silver tone large locket with crystals, 32” silver tone facetted bead chain, four droplets (two pearls, heart lock and wing), six packs of three pearls, medium and large silver tone ‘family’ coins, medium rose tone ‘laugh’ coin, large gold tone screen and a bag containing FIFTY THREE charms!

In addition to this there was the special offer for joining before 30th June 2014 and this consisted of the ‘Summer Magic’ bundle (which can be bought separately too!)

inspire coin - summer magic

 Large silver tone ‘inspire’ coin,

top ten charms

large white screen (limited edition)

This Summer Magic Bundle can be purchased for £39.16 which is a very good price as if purchased individually it would cost you £65.28, a saving of £26.12. Really is too good to miss!

Well thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you have enjoyed reading this.

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